5 Benefits of Using a Cloud Server

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The era of maintaining a dedicated on-site server is declining and switching to a hosted cloud service will help improve your company’s workflow, save money, and ensure that you stay ahead of the curve.

Should you consider upgrading your system to a streamlined cloud-based platform? The simple answer is yes, but if you need more convincing, we have provided five compelling reasons why.

Increased Security

Whether you are an IT specialist or not, we can all agree that data security is a top priority. Understandably so, but consider cloud platforms’ advanced, high-level security features such as data encryption and routine backups, providing greater data security than that of an in-house server. A cloud-based platform means that no matter what happens to the hardware, whether it be a stolen laptop or a virus on a PC, your company’s data will be safe and sound in the cloud, especially if you utilize security features . Additionally, file transfers are more secure because collaborators no longer need to email the data back and forth, running the risk of sensitive information being forwarded or downloaded. All data stays secure within the cloud.

Centralized Collaboration

Because your data in a cloud platform is centralized, you can collaborate with others on projects and easily share your work. Communication between you and your colleagues is accelerated, efficient, and effective. Regardless of your company’s client or supplier setup, everyone uses the same files in the same format in the same place, in real-time, improving the organization and consistency of projects. With a cloud platform, you can also integrate into your existing technology toolset, easily transferring data via API or connectors, with the option to automate processes.

Access From Wherever, Whenever

With your technology platform in the cloud, users can access their accounts anywhere, anytime. Projects can be worked on multiple devices and in any location with an internet connection. Because users aren’t tied down to a specific location, workers have more freedom and flexibility. Working anytime is not always the case with a dedicated server. When it is time for server maintenance or upgrades, dedicated servers have a downtime period and productivity grinds to a halt. Cloud servers have zero downtime deployment so systems are upgraded automatically even while users are using the platform allowing uninterrupted workflow.


Cloud servers have the benefit of scalability, meaning they can adapt in size according to the increase and decrease in workload. As your company grows and changes, cloud servers can scale up or scale down accordingly and adapt swiftly to meet your needs. With a dedicated server, this is possible but it is a costly, time consuming and often complicated process. A cloud service also provides the option to pay your subscription on a month-to-month basis which can be adjusted to your businesses needs. So, as your business grows, your cloud platform will grow with you and if you need to scale down operations, it’s possible to only pay for the services you use.

Save Time, Save Money

To save the best for last, using a cloud server will save you money in the long-term. Expensive hardware purchases will be a thing of the past. Cloud platforms don’t require time-consuming software installation and you will no longer be spending money and manpower on IT infrastructure and maintenance.The server needs are taken care of by your cloud provider freeing up your time and money so that you can take care of your other business needs.


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