How to access your email via Webmail

This feature allows you to check your email from any PC with an Internet connection from anywhere in the world. Unlike an email program, this requires no settings before it can be utilised.
*Please make sure that you do not save the password when working from an Internet cafe or other publicly accessible computers.


In your browser simply type:


Replace “” with your actual domain name. Insert your email address and its password so that you are able to log in.

Windows (.Net) packages will see the following login screen:

cPanel users will see the following screens:


There will be three Webmail applications to choose from. You may select which one you wish to load up automatically the next time you log in by clicking on the “Set as Default” option.

After setting your default application, you can now select it to log in. This only needs to be done once after selecting your default application. Every time thereafter you will be logged in automatically.

You should now be able to view your mailbox.

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